Moni Aizik's Background

Moni started his martial arts training in judo and jiu-jitsu at the age of 8. In his youth, Moni dominated Israel's tournament scene and won eight national titles. During his late teens, Moni joined the Israeli military and became a member of an elite commando unit known as the Sayeret.

During the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Moni was involved in special commando missions behind enemy lines. During one of these missions, his unit of 64 members was ambushed by more than 1,000 Syrian soldiers in the Golan Heights. Only six of the members managed to survive and escape, primarily because of their superior hand-to-hand combat skills. Shortly after, Moni was assigned to develop a more comprehensive and improved version of Krav Maga to the elite units in the Israeli military.

By combining elements of Israeli and other styles, along with real combat experience, Moni created Commando Krav Maga. From his experiences in the battlefield, Moni had a deep understanding of what techniques would and wouldn't work in real life or death situations and integrated Commando Krav Maga with Israeli Special Forces training.

Moni later started teaching his system to the public, opening a school in Israel and eventually in Canada. Although you may picture Moni as a battle-hardened drill sergeant, he is far from that persona. Instead, you will find a charismatic mentor who has a true understanding of what it takes to survive and succeed. Aside from street survival, Moni's students have also found success in competition. Some of Moni's past students include Yael Arad (Olympic silver medalist in judo) and Carlos Newton (former UFC Champion).

Moni is currently teaching Commando Krav Maga to military, law enforcement and security units around the world. Moni has recently introduced Commando Krav Maga to the public, offering seminars to civilian sectors around the world.

Moni strives to continuously improve Commando Krav Maga by consistently examining moves "under the microscope." Eliminating complex techniques and instead focusing on quick, explosive tactics that deliver the most impact, Moni has truly turned Commando Krav Maga into an evolutionary fighting system.

Attacker Choking From the Top Mount
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As the attacker starts to choke Moni in the top mount (1), Moni quickly takes the pressure off by pressing down on the attacker's arms (2). At the same time, Moni traps the leg of the attacker by hooking it as deeply and tightly as possible (3) and with an explosive bridge, rolls the attacker over (4). Moni finishes by grabbing the attacker's Adam's apple (5).