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Breaking His Way to the Top
Chad Netherland has become a breaking champion the old-fashioned way—he’s earned it. By ACL

4 Self-Defense Life-Savers
The great Richard Bustillo shows you his four can’t-miss self-defense moves. By John Little, with Richard Bustillo

Major Tai Chi Mistakes
36 Don’t let your lack of practice and preparation cost you valuable competition points. By Doria-Cook Nelson

Unlimited Potential
Try any weapon and you’ll quickly discover the mook jong is much more than an empty-hand wonder. By Joseph Simonet

The Long Arms of Hap Gar
If your goal is self-defense, then hap gar's long-range fighting gives you the best chance for survival. By David Rogers

1-On-1 With: Y.C. Chiang
Grandmaster Y.C. Chiang’s new DVD spotlights the subtle differences between Guang Ping and other mainstream styles. By Suzan Chiang

New Series: Martial Arts Myths
Shaolin: The Birth of Kung Fu?
You’ve seen the movies and heard the tales. Now we offer another perspective on martial arts history. By Sulaiman Sharif

Wing and a Prayer
Shoulder injuries have been known to sideline some of top names in fighting. By Greg Thompson

Discovering the Samurai Within
After “Dancing with the Stars” and cooking with Iron Chefs, Mark Dacascos returns to his roots for a dose of Samurai realty. By Dave Cater

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